Anthony Morrison Mobile Optin 2.0 Review, Demo and Discount

mobile optin 2.0

Thanks for stopping by to read my personal thoughts about Anthony Morrison New Mobile Optin 2.0 software!

Anthony Morrison is responsible for some of the largest Internet Marketing campaigns in the last 10 years. He ran an infomercial nationwide for 3 years promoting his books “Advertising Profits From Home” and “The Hidden Millionaire” resulting in over $1,000,000 in sales.

Mobile Optin is the latest product to be released by Anthony Morrison. You may not know who Anthony is, but if you have been in the IM game for some time, you would have heard his name come up at some point. He has also been featured on both Fox News and CNN in the past. Anthony ran an infomercial nationwide for 3 years promoting his books “Advertising Profits From Home” and “The Hidden Millionaire” resulting in over $1,000,000 sales. His company has been doing live events and workshops all over the US for the last 8 years attended by over 250,000 people in 48 different states. He loves training and educating people on how to use the internet and the opportunity it presents to live a better life. So now you know a little more about the creator of this product, continue reading our Mobile Optin review to learn more about it.

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Why Mobile Optin Is Good?

What Anthony Morrison’s program definitely does have to go for it, is it almost guarantees you get everyone’s best email address. It achieves that by automatically opening the prospective subscriber’s email client with their default email address. And because all they have to do at that point is click the send button, you’ve got genuine 2 clicks opt-ins. When you add the fact that mobile traffic overtook computer traffic in 2014 (and will almost certainly continue to count for the majority of web traffic for many years to come), it’s easy to see why Mobile Optin is so powerful, and why Morrison is charging so much for access.

A Few Thoughts about Mobile Optin

One of the biggest sales hooks of Mobile Opt-in is that it stops people opting into your list with a fake email address. It’s true that fake email addresses are an issue to be aware of when building a list… but it’s not difficult to get around. Just state clearly on your opt-in page that you will send the freebie to the email address the person enters into the opt-in form. No one who reads that will enter a fake email address. Just place that statement prominently on your page, and you’ll hardly get a single fake email join your list. Problem solved.

Now, I know that’s a completely different story from what you will hear from most reviewers. They’ll tell you that you need Mobile Optin to solve this gargantuan issue. But they know the real deal. If you’re not familiar with the way this industry works, almost all reviews of Mobile Optin are written by people who will collect a commission from Anthony Morrison if you buy after reading their review. And human nature being what it is, few people can resist the temptation to lie when there is money to be made. In other words, be wary of the hype.

Maybe you are like me and you have MISSED the fact that mobile searches already represent HALF OF ALL searches on the web and the numbers are still growing. In other words – if you have not yet implemented mobile marketing strategies you are missing half of the traffic from the web!  We have put together data from several sources to draw a picture of what revenue potential mobile advertising industry has to offer to advertisers in the coming years.

You won’t spend a lump some of the money on marketing campaigns for little or no returns for your efforts like Anthony Morrison’s Mobile Optin software. Available platforms such as Google and Facebook are systems that will rip from your benefits, with your efforts showing little pennies that reflect in your account. With the software, you are certain that your benefits go soar higher every day because it is cost effective with unmatched benefits as compared to the cost of investment. With this program, you no longer are going to spend thousands on advertising and campaigning to market your mobile phone list.

An effective software is one in which you are able to relate to in a cordial way. The user interface of the system allows you to see information being relayed through it with the new program. It displays as your list grows and does all required conversions for you thus you are able to focus on marketing more rather than having to figure things out.

The primary purpose or objective of generating an effective email message for any business is to secure the potential lead as a customer in a short period of time as possible. This would save the marketer time and effort as well as costly if the potential lead could be converted as a customer; and over time, a loyal customer who makes regular purchases and holds a high esteem of the company and brand. Such customers could even be unofficial ambassadors of the business if they are totally satisfied with their purchases on the brand with mobiles optin bonus.

Hence, it is crucial for marketers to engage email marketing correctly with all the intuitive approaches that would win over the potential lead as a customer. A higher conversion rate is good for the business where the customer list of the business keeps growing to offer more potential sales leading to higher profits with the opt-in apps for mobile marketing.

Who is Anthony Morrison?

pic_manIntroducing Anthony Morrison: Successful Speaker, Author, and Entrepreneur

Everyone dreams of success for themselves and having the ability to take care of their family. If you can figure out how to do it with your own business or venture, then all the better! Anthony Morrison may have come from a background that seemed an unlikely cultivator for entrepreneurial success, but the fact that at the young age of 31 he stands out as a successful speaker, entrepreneur, businessman, author, and coach just goes to show that he has something special to offer people willing to listen and work towards their own success.

An Unexpected Background for Success

Mississippi probably isn’t the state that jumps to mind when you think about Internet Moguls and major online entrepreneurship and yet that’s exactly where Anthony’s story starts. Raised by hardworking blue collar parents, he credits them with teaching him to be hard-working, curious, and to intellectually question everything.

These traits would lead to his first business: selling candy bars door to door at eight years old because he wanted a Jacuzzi. His parents had agreed to this unusual request, but only if he paid for it. A year of selling candy bars later, he collected the full amount needed.

There was no question Anthony was an unusual kid, especially when the next goal was to work with his siblings to earn enough to buy their father a motorcycle. This would start a lifelong pattern of setting full focus on every goal and always believing it can be done – and not being afraid to fail along the way as he learned the best way to accomplish those goals.

With that type of background, maybe it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Anthony started part time businesses in both high schools and then in college.

Launching Out of College

anthony-morrisonEven though he already had an impressive track record starting new businesses or raising money by the time he graduated high school, Anthony went the traditional route of pursuing a college education and during that time it seemed like most of his business ventures took a backseat to his required studies and classes.

However, studies couldn’t quite keep all of Anthony’s attention, not after the business success he had already had before that. When his family experienced serious financial issues he took his love of Mustangs and other classic cars and re-visited a business he had thought about back in high school. This led to the creation of Cool Blue Performance, a company that specialized in helping find custom Mustang parts for restoration work.

Anthony poured his efforts into getting the word out about Cool Blue Performance and quickly came to dominate this niche market, saving his family and re-igniting his passion for building businesses, as well.

Saving the Family & Then Some

Anthony didn’t abandon Cool Blue Performance but continued to invest in it even after his family’s finances were saved. First, he provided parts to individuals, then worked with every parts company in the region, then even started manufacturing his own parts.

This willingness to push the envelope, to explore what else could be done, continued with Anthony even as he started other businesses and turned an eye towards what was then still a young but intriguing field: Internet Marketing and online sales.

Following Successes

After this success, Anthony went on to start 11 additional companies, sometimes in very different fields from one another. However, they always had one common thread: every business was based in something that Anthony was interested in.

Many other entrepreneurs would preach this same advice, and Anthony lives by it: start with passion and follow obsessively. Those are the perfect starting points to founding and running a successful business.

Spreading the Good Fortune

anthony-morrisonBeing thankful is an important part of having a fully satisfying life. Aside from employing workers and saving his family from financial ruin, Anthony also took a step aside from entrepreneurship and used the same lessons for founding the charity Christmas for Kids.

This charity helps provide toys for children on Christmas, especially for low-income families who would struggle to celebrate the holiday. This is a charity that was close to Anthony’s heart, and he has put the same energy into promoting this charity and their fine work.

This was a great start, but as a skilled entrepreneur, he knew he had skills to share that could help out thousands of more people to not only transform their lives but to provide for their families and provide for their loved ones, as well.

Sharing His Knowledge as an Author

This lead to Anthony deciding he wanted to write a book and share everything he had learned about starting businesses, so others could take those same steps and experience the same success. This wasn’t a fast process, but he went at it with the same energy he used on other goals and that’s why “The Hidden Millionaire: 12 Principles to Uncovering the Entrepreneur in You” came to be and was published in 2008.

This book was widely praised and led to 2009 follow up entitled “Advertising Profits From Home,” which focused much more on one specific process of making profits through online advertising options.

Live seminars were the next logical step to follow. He enjoys the interaction with people and being able to teach them directly and encourage them to embrace that entrepreneur within them.

While Anthony still enjoys starting businesses, he particularly loves the seminar scene and the interaction he gets from that person to person contact.

What Does the Future Hold?

There’s no question that as much as Anthony Morrison enjoys starting new businesses and taking on new challenges, even those passions pale in comparison to the joy he gets from telling people his story and helping them see that no matter what their background, they have the ability to push forward and create their own financial security and future.

There will almost certainly be more businesses and charity work in the future, but whatever shape that takes, Anthony is sure to go at it with all his energy and focus.

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What does Mobile Optin do?

As you very well know, just about everyone these days has a mobile device and the number will only keep on increasing. This means more and more people are using these devices as they conduct their activities online. As the internet marketer or any kind of business owner, the most important thing for your business is building your email list. In other words, increasing your subscriber base by capturing people’s emails. Prior to Mobile Optin, this is what an email capture page would look like on a mobile device as seen in the picture below.

mobile optin

The problem with the scenario above is that

  • You get people deliberately entering fake email addresses which result in bounces and hurts your email reputation and delivery. Many will do this so as to get whatever is being offered for free without them signing up with their real email.
  • You’ll get people entering their secondary email addresses (these are emails they don’t really check or use.
  • You get people accidentally entering wrong email addresses usually because they are typing “on the go”
  • Many people abandon the page. The mobile lifestyle isn’t normally people just sitting stationary so it’s difficult to actually type their information in the box.
  • As a result of the bullet points above, your opt-in rates suffer, the quality of your overall email list suffers and your overall bottom line (your ability to make money from the list) suffers.

Well, this is where Mobile Optin comes into play and completely eliminates every one of these problems. The image below demonstrates 3 different email capture pages generated by Anthony Morrison’s software.

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What Makes Mobile Optin Different?

Once visitors on mobiles reach your squeeze page, they will need to type in their email address if you are not using this software. They can type in any email address they want to, including fake ones.

Fake email addresses have absolutely no value and are one of the biggest problems that marketers face. Let’s face it. Even if you have a very large email list, there are many fake subscribers sitting on it who have given you a bad email address.

How Does It Help You Make Money?

As you probably know, the key to building an email list that makes a lot of money is to make sure that you are getting super high-quality leads. Not only do you want these leads to be targeted in terms of their interest in whatever niche you are operating in, but you also want to be sure that they are giving you a real email address, that they check often. Ideally, you want to get the email address that they have hooked up to their mobile email client so that you can be sure that they are seeing all the messages that you send them.

Well, I don’t like to throw the word “genius” around too much, but Anthony’s method for this is pretty freaking smart… Basically, he devised a software that shows your website visitors a special kind of options page that I have never seen before.

Basically, these opt-in pages have a button that people can press that lets them opt-in to your list by sending you an email from the email client on their phone. That way it’s way easier for them because they don’t need to type anything in, and it’s way better for you because you are guaranteed to get their absolute best email address – the email that they check all day long on their cell phone.

By targeting mobile users, and sending them to these opt-in pages you can pretty much guarantee that you are going to be getting super responsive subscribers. For example, Anthony has built lists with this software that have gotten 50%+ open rates, which is unheard of. These are big, 5 figure lists, insane. And, as we all know, a responsive list is a list that makes a lot of money.

What You Get…

As I mentioned, this program is not available yet. The cool thing is that when Anthony opens up the doors for this he is going to hook up the first people who sign up with some cool options for free. In other words, things that would normally be “up-sells” will be included at no charge. However, definitely check the sales page to see what is currently being included as it may change from the time that I am writing this.

Anyhow the main thing you get is your own Mobile Optin account, where you can create unlimited campaigns. There are currently over 150 templates to choose from, and the first people who get accounts are going to get access to all future templates for free. The templates look good too, are customizable, and fully compliant. You also get a dashboard where you can see all over your analytics and stats reports to keep track of your campaigns.

The next thing is the “Split Testing Engine Upgrade” which is currently being included free (but check) this lets you split the traffic between multiple opt-in pages to see which one converts best. There is also an “Url Redirect Upgrade”, also currently free, that lets you pick any page to redirect your subscribers to after they opt-in. This is something that you can usually do anyways with a standard opt-in form, but I guess that it was pretty difficult figuring out how to make this happen since the way they are opting in is completely different. And there is also another cool feature that automatically starts sending all your traffic to the split test variation that is converting the best after a certain number of clicks.

What Is The Importance Of Mobile Traffic? – List Building and Email Marketing

If you are somebody who is just getting into Internet marketing, you may have heard that email marketing is a good thing to focus on. The reason it’s so great is because when you have an email list you have an ASSET. That email list belongs to you, and anytime that you want some money, you can just send them out an email with some affiliate links in it (or links to your own products or services) and make money…

list-buildingIdeally, these subscribers will stay subscribed and keep opening your emails and making you money for years to come. However, as any experienced email marketer will tell you, a lot of the email addresses that you get will be fake, and open rates can typically hover in the 5% and less range, going steadily downwards over time.

This is why email marketers need to be constantly getting new leads (people who have opted in) onto their lists, and this is why marketers are always on the lookout for systems and techniques to improve the quality of their leads and their response rates.

One thing a lot of marketers don’t realize is the fact that something like 60-70% of all Internet traffic is now mobile traffic, and I’ve seen some very shocking statistics (sorry I don’t have a link to them) which show that mobile email clicks are, on average, worth more than 200% the value of desktop email clicks!

In other words, if you are building an email list, then it makes a heck of a lot of sense to get mobile subscribers who are checking their email on their cell phones. This is especially true due to the fact that mobile traffic is pretty much guaranteed to become an even bigger percentage of total internet traffic over the next couple of years…

How Does Mobile Optin Work?

You can access the Mobile Optin app from anywhere because the app is web-based. The developers have taken steps to integrate the software so that it works with the majority of the services most often used for email marketing by marketers.

Creating Campaigns

mobile optin 2.0 - campaignsOn your dashboard, there will be a button labeled, “Create Campaign.” In order to create your new campaign, click the button and select a unique name to identify it. Choosing a domain to host your campaign is simple. You can either use your own domain or you can host it at, their website.

Option For Retargeting

Also integrated into this software is an option for retargeting. You need to paste the code for Analytics and Retargeting in the space provided if you which to enable retargeting on a particular campaign. Your campaign’s return on investment can increase greatly when you choose to retarget.


Optimization is one of this software’s coolest features. In order to gain the highest ROI, you can develop many different squeeze pages/templates and test them out in order to optimize your campaign. Once optimization is enabled, the percentage of clicks that you wish to go to individual squeeze pages can be selected, up to a certain threshold. After attaining the threshold, the most successful template will be automatically sent the clicks by the software.

For example, you can set up a campaign and set the threshold at 80 clicks to be sent to two different templates. Both pages will receive an equal amount of traffic if you choose this. Each template will receive 40 clicks. Suppose the first got 20 opt-ins and the second received 14. Since the first template was more successful, as soon as delivery is completed on the 80 clicks, all future clicks will go the first template. In a campaign, you can use as many templates as you wish.

Redirect For Returning Visitors

This is yet another feature that is very cool. If you enable this option, return visitors can be redirected to a selected URL if they have already visited the squeeze page in the past. The redirection can be performed after a single visit or you can optionally set a different number of visits before the option kicks in.

Add Template

It is time to click on the add template button once all of the information has been filled in. At this time, in a variety of categories, there are more than 300 different templates available on this software. Templates are available for webinars, image-based, autos, education, investing, finance, Internet marketing, dating, personal development, survivor niche, dog training, and weight loss as well mobile-optin-templateas many other categories including a default category. In addition, the app’s developers continue to work on new templates to add to the program.

After you select a template, it will appear on your screen where you can edit the existing text. In the WYSIWYG editor, it is easy to edit the text.

After the template has been selected, it is time to give it a name. In a campaign, you are allowed to choose an unlimited number of templates. By enabling the option for optimization, it is easy to test out these different variations on your theme.

Adding Contact URL, Privacy Policy, And Terms Of Service

There is a link on the bottom of every template to the contact, privacy policy, and terms of service. On the campaign page, there is a space to add these URLs if you would like to add these links to the templates you are using. However, it is not required. If you choose not to use them, simply leave them blank.

Having these pages on your domain is recommended to make sure that your Google, Facebook, and other advertising account information remains secure. You are required to provide links to each of these accounts on your opt-in page.


You are required to indicate which integration service you plan on using during your campaign. In order to integrate a service to a particular campaign, use the drop down menu and select the service from the list. Once the individual service is chosen, it is possible to select the list that you will be adding the new subscribers too.

Redirect After Opting

You need to provide the URL that “thanks” visitors after they opt-in in this field. They will be redirected here afterward.

Return Email

You will be required to fill in two separate fields. One field is for the body of the email and the other field is for the subject. Once the visitor agrees to opt-in and the opt-in button on the landing pages has been clicked, it is this pre-filled email that will be sent to the visitor’s email client.

These are all of the steps that are required for a Mobile Optin campaign setup.

For each campaign, you will be presented with two buttons once you hit the submit button. You can either use the hosted URL or you can additionally receive an embed code. This embed code can be used on services such as Leadpages or you can use it on your own domain.

You must copy the code that is generated and passes it into the head section if you decide to place the embed code on Leadpages. This will be the squeeze page that mobile visitors will see when they visit the URL, but your Leadpages campaign will work on the desktop normally.

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The Pros Of  Mobile Optin 2.0

The fact that this app is hosted is one of the this software’s biggest advantages. The interface provided for the user is extremely easy to use because it is intuitive. In just minutes, you can create your campaigns for mobile marketing simply by editing the templates.

The software brings the added benefit that the main email address of your visitors will be added to your opt-in list.

According to Anthony Morrison, the software’s creator, there was a 50% open rate on over 200,000 emails that were sent out. A rate that high is practically unheard of and experienced marketers recognize that this is a major benefit of the software.

However, what makes this software so amazing is not just the fact that the open rate is so. It is the fact that the software also raised the rate of click-throughs. Keep in mind that the only way money can be made is if the offer in your email is clicked on by your subscribers. Users are much more likely to look at the offers included within the email when it is sent to their real email address.

On his own personal campaigns, this software has been used for more than three years by Anthony Morrison. Using this software, he has sent out millions of emails. On a consistent basis, on campaigns with 200,000 or more emails sent, the click through rate is almost 28%.

The thought of getting such high rates of click-through is getting many email marketers very excited about the thought of getting an app that can do this.

It is very versatile with more than 300 templates in a wide range of categories. In addition, you can modify the template of an image template to suit your own taste by uploading your own images. In addition, if you want your users to be able to subscribe to your webinars, there are templates created just for that purpose.

However, this software carries a major advantage because when it is used on a mobile device you will get real emails instead of fake ones. It is set up to get the default email address stored on the user’s mobile phone.

Nothing Like It :- I’ve been marketing via email since 2010, and I have never seen anything like this. It is a huge advantage to have because you are making it so easy for mobile users to opt-in and you are guaranteed to get their best email addresses.

Auto-Optimization :- I really like this feature because, you don’t need to know anything about split testing, and you don’t need to log in to analyze the statistic because it will automatically switch to using the highest controverting page for you.

FB Training :- This isn’t necessarily part of the product, but as I understand it customers will be getting complimentary FB ad training from Anthony and his brother Adrian. Facebook is a great place to get cheap targeted traffic, and it is easy to strictly target mobile users. And Adrian is apparently doing something like $15K a day which Facebook ads, so he is definitely a good
person to learn this stuff from.

Customizable :- While the 150+ templates look great as-is, if you are more advanced you can easily customize them with unique images, backgrounds, etc…

Newbie Friendly :- This is cutting edge software that will appeal to advanced marketers, but it is also totally friendly for people who are just getting started. There’s video training inside your account interface, support, and you don’t even need your own website to set up these opt-in pages because you can host them free with Anthony.

The Cons

Are you kidding? There are no cons when it comes to this program.

Once you start using this software, you will learn that it works hard to add money to your bank account. On your list, you can count on the fact that this software gets you the high-quality subscribers you need.

There is no argument that the quantity of the subscribers on your list is not as important as the quality. You get the real emails that people regularly check since this software is designed to deliver the main email address of people who are ready to subscribe to your emails.


You already understand how important this software is if you have spent any amount of time doing marketing and email marketing, in particular. In the market today, you will not find another piece of software that allows your email subscriber list to grow so rapidly among users who are on their mobile devices

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Zero Up Review by Fred lam

At a simple level to comprehend exactly what Zero Up is actually, feel in one’s bones that this depends on three various elements– a software package that permits you to prosper along with percentage based earnings with hands free operation, a training program that is composed of a number of important instruction modules and also access to coaching that will definitely show you the basics from sales and advertising, while additionally delivering you with assistance if you require assistance. Fred Lam sets this course up in a fun technique, offering a host of other motivations for folks to subscribe and be successful. For instance, there are actually a number of rewards being actually provided for folks that produce the best leads during the course of the holiday season.

As an example, those which generate 100 tops will certainly acquire $25 worth from aims, while the best winner will acquire $2,500 in aims. There will additionally be a variety of other rewards distributed throughout this advertising time frame, including a Rolex timepiece, Mac Book Pro, iPad, electronic cam and also HDTVs. This is actually a way from bringing individuals in by means of exciting as well as neighborhood that has actually collaborated with Fred Lam for many years, and provides individuals plenty of incentive to locate the ideal info in a way that will certainly permit you build your personal business by means of great pointers as well as advice.Zero Up Review

# 1: You Will Receive Help Setting Up Your Shopping Cart Platform

While the on-line shopping platform is actually the absolute most important device at your disposal, that could be a little bit tiresome as well as perplexing to specify that up the right way. As a result of this, Zero Up is useful, because it enables you to develop your own shop in merely a few clicks and along with a handful of choices. I was actually blown away by the reality that it properly failed to take me more than 5 mins to produce my very own shop using Shopify’s platform, due to Zero Up. That had not been just a placeholder either– I assessed it out and also the shopping control panel was totally useful as well as capable to obtain orders! As a novice to on the web sales, this action alone gave me loads of confidence and made the whole procedure much less overwhelming.

# 2: You Will Be Able To Take In Orders In An Automated Manner

Residual profit is actually nitty-gritty today, and also you are going to really have the capacity to enjoy that due to Zero Up’s automation. As opposed to must actually meet the orders your own self, the system will certainly allow you to permit the software handle it from start to finish. Through this, you are going to be able to generate income while you rest, which is where real riches is actually created.

# 3: A Series Of Modules That Will Let You Understand Things For Yourself

While the software program is wonderful, you absolutely are going to be successful along with Zero Up with the help of that Lam instructs you the skill-sets that will certainly last a life-time. It includes a widespread amount from modules that will definitely stroll you by means of the essentials, while improving all of them by means of advanced principles. These components will definitely help to build some knowing around what the software program performs immediately, as well as the training that you acquire as portion of the package is the crowning achievement.

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The courses are actually the center from the item through which the customers manage to find out the technique as well as methods by themselves. All the principles are plainly detailed utilizing straightforward language that even the brand-new comers will certainly receive a suitable idea regarding the exchanging currency. The system effectively details that how you may proceed with the moneys and also may add to your earnings.scientific trading machine review

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